Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

A large park serves as the backdrop for the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, dedicated to showcasing the performing arts and developing a theatre district of international caliber. It forms part of Kuwait's new national cultural district and the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre.

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre is a public space that features programming from various disciplines to entertain, educate, and inspire Kuwait's citizens. There is something for people from all age groups and walks of life, including performances in music, theatre, and film, as well as workshops and readings of the spoken word.

Things to do at Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center:

  • Embrace the elaborate superfluities and wonderful architecture:

The buildings on the inside are luxurious and of a world-class standard giving off an air of character, drama, and a heightened sense of expectation. The richly textured exterior skin of each building is created by complex geometric forms that are inspired by Islamic architecture. As a result, the public spaces on the lower floors of the buildings are dramatic and benefit from the interplay of shadow and light. Lifts and travelators that are climate controlled are available for use by guests.

  • Continue to be pleasantly surprised to discover hidden jewels within other jewels:

Spacious entrance courtyards provide access to each of the four buildings, and the entire complex is situated within a larger public park. Visitors can traverse this atmospheric vastness on foot or by riding air-conditioned lifts and travellators as they make their way through the intertwining areas within the outer envelope of the building. 

The key buildings in the theatre quarter are:

  • Theatre Centre
  • Music Centre
  • Conference Centre
  • National Library for Historical Documents
  • Park for Kuwait

  • Understand its pivotal role in preserving and promotion of art, talent and literature:

Additionally, the cultural center serves as an influential entertainment and culture powerhouse for the region and functions as a productive space for the area. It serves as a platform for educational and cultural exchange. Younger voices are given a forum to speak in thanks to JACC's provision of a space for dialogue, which allows for the sharing and showcasing skills and knowledge.

It hosts several ongoing public and educational programs, such as volunteer opportunities, science, literacy, and arts and crafts workshops for children, environmental initiatives, public lectures, film screenings, book clubs, educator forums, performances, and community workshops.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

Kuwait, City Kuwait

Opening & Closing time of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

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