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Jazeera Airways is the largest and the low-cost airline serving the Middle East out of Kuwait & Dubai. Jazeera Airways flights travel to 19 destinations across the Middle East. With a modern fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft, Al Jazeera Airways are known for the world class services on board.

Jazeera Airways Frequent Routes

Destinations Fares Starts from For Booking
Kuwait to Cairo Jazeera Airways 106 KWD Click Here
Kuwait to Sohag Jazeera Airways 79 KWD Click Here
Cairo to Kuwait Jazeera Airways 98 KWD Click Here
Kuwait to Borg El Arab Jazeera Airways 97 KWD Click Here
Kuwait to Dubai Jazeera Airways 52 KWD Click Here

Jazeera Airways Online Booking

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Kuwait to Dubai :

Jazeera Airways KWD 31

Jazeera Airways Information

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  • Check in & Flight Status
  • Baggage Information
  • Food & Beverages

About Jazeera Airways

Al Jazeera Airways flights were started in 2004 and it is the first non-government owned airline in the Middle East. The airline serves more than 1.2 million travelers across its network, which includes business trips, holiday, and destinations such as Dubai, Bahrain, Beirut, Alexandria, Amman, Damascus, Istanbul, Aleppo, Luxor, Mashhad, Sohag, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, and Cairo.

Jazeera Airways owns a modern fleet of 8 Airbus A320s and connects 25 non-stop business and leisure destinations. In 2009, Jazeera Airways flights became a trendsetter by allowing the passengers to use mobile phones on board.

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Al Jazeera Airways Flights – Things to Know

Jazeera Airways flights are always in the forefront to provide quality in every aspect of service and following this strategy the airline was able to see growth at an exponential rate within a short span of time. In fact, the luxurious and safe services provided by the Al Jazeera Airways flights made them to become one of the best airlines in the world. 

A sneak peek to the host of luxurious services on Jazeera Airways flights:

  • Excellent in-flight facilities

  • Additional baggage service for business class up to 60 Kgs

  • Access to state-of-the-art lounge

  • Comfortable seating arrangement for all the classes

  • Special assistance to pregnant women, passengers with illness or disabilities.

Jazeera Airways Booking Classes

Jazeera Airways online booking on Rehlat are available for two different seating arrangements: business class and economy class.

Business class – The business class of Al Jazeera Airways flights offer leather seats along with personal TV screens and just 2 seats per row.
Economy class – The economy class of Al Jazeera Airways flights offers leather seats with shareable TV screens.

Amenities offered by all Jazeera Airways Flights

  • Comfortable seat selection online

  • Complimentary selection of on-board meals

  • Exclusive on-board cabins

  • 8.4 inches LCD in addition to complimentary head phones

  • Spa kit

  • Magazines

  • Tray tables for each cabin

Jazeera Airways Online Check In

Jazeera Airways online check in service is optimized for customer convenience: 

  • Passengers may check in online within 24 hours until 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

  • If you are carrying baggage which needs to be checked-in, you must proceed to the check in counter for fast baggage-drop at least 1 hour before departure time.

  • You must be present at the boarding gate no later than 20 minutes prior to departure time.

Note: Passengers with special needs such as wheelchairs, unaccompanied minors and infants, expectant mothers and any passengers who require special assistance cannot check in online.

Why Jazeera Airways Online Check In?

  • You can choose your comfortable seat

  • Print the boarding pass at home or at a kiosk at the airport and save time

  • Choose your meal and beverage

Jazeera Airways Airport Check In

The check in counters at the airport will open 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure in all countries for all Al Jazeera Airways flights.

  • Except for Dubai and Egypt, the check-in counters will close 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • In Dubai and Egypt check-in counters closes 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.

Jazeera Airways Flight Status Updates

To check the Jazeera Airways flight status updates, get it by entering your flight number. Check the exact status of your Jazeera Airways flight and plan accordingly.

Jazeera Airways Baggage Allowance

Jazeera Airways baggage allowance for all the three classes is great:

Allowed Check in Baggage Allowance:
  • Economy class: 40 Kg

  • Business class: 60 Kg

Allowed Carryon Baggage Allowance:
  • Business class: 2 pieces, combined total of 15 kg

  • Economy class: 1 piece, 7 kg total weight

  • Carryon baggage dimension = 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

Infants are not allowed any checked in or carryon baggage. As per international laws, guests are not permitted to carry single check-in baggage more than 32 kgs in Jazeera Airways flights.

Jazeera Airways Food & Drinks

Al Jazeera Airways flights serve very delicious food for sale on board. The passengers are allowed to carry their own food and drinks.

Jazeera Airways flights provide food and beverages for free of cost to the business class passengers only. Jazeera Airways is a dry flight with no-alcoholic drinks on-board.