Cheap Flights to Jakarta

Flights to Jakarta

Jakarta is the most famous city in Southeast Asia and the capital city of Indonesia. It is a cultural, political and most economical centre. Communication to the people in the city can be made either in English or Chinese languages. Jakarta is a city with social cultured; hence you can find most friendly people with great hospitality. Book your flights to Jakarta with Rehlat and explore the all the tourist attractions of the city. Rehlat is emerging as the leading online travel company in the Middle East offering budget travel for every passenger.

Things to Do & Popular Places in Jakarta

Attractions in Jakarta

Don’t Miss Jakarta Museums

This sprawling capital city has the most architectural structure of the MONAS displaying the heroism of the people of Jakarta winning the colonial dynasty. Jakarta has many museums exhibiting the best artifacts of the ancient city. The Wayang museum has the largest collection of figurines of varied characters across the country and the neighboring countries. Museum Sejarah Jakarta showcases the Hindu goddess Kali and another bronze structure of Si Jagur. The museum Nasional attracts with all glittering of antique jewelry depicting the Ramayana. The city is home to museums, Buddhist temples, biggest mosque, an assortment of orchid gardens, bird parks, fabrics, and handicrafts.

Shopping in Jakarta

Best Shopping Malls

Stop and shop at the flea markets where you can get crazy with the wide variety of products. It hosts many enticing wooden carvings and furniture, charming antique jewelry, lovely fabrics both traditional and Westside, and many lovely antique products all at reasonable and affordable prices. Jakarta has glittering shopping malls of about 174 ranging from upmarket malls to cheap malls. In addition to the luxurious malls, you can find a number of shopping centers which can be found in Mangga Dua complex. It is a good place for bargainers.

Food in Jakarta

Food and Dining in Jakarta

The fine dining of Jakarta entails with oriental dishes from the ancient culinary. The delicious dishes girdle all the flavors of Indonesia, the Middle East and the classy most instinctive salads of the town. You can enjoy a bite of typical local spicy food namely Sop iga sapi, Soto betawi, kerak telor, Ketoprak, BUBUR Dingin, Nasi Uduk, and Nasi ulam which are some of the most famous delicious dishes found at any local street shop. You can splurge into the night pubs and clubs in the city grabbing a beer and relaxing at the most comfortable lounges spread at the extreme of every bar and restaurants.

Transportation in Jakarta

The city is well-connected to all the major landmarks with all the possible transport facilitating the tourist needs. It operates both public and private transport namely buses, trains, Bajaj, cars, and taxis all at reasonable and affordable prices. Many private companies operate services accessing bookings through online too.

Jakarta Airport Information

The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport of Jakarta is the busiest airport in the southern hemisphere. The airport is situated in Tangerang about 20 kilometers from the west of Jakarta. Being an Aerotropolis airport, it serves around 62 million people annually. There are 3 terminal buildings in the airport and a freight terminal which serves for both domestic and international cargo. The airport operates both domestic and international airlines with 180 check-in counters, 36 luggage carousels and 45 gates.

Local Transportation To & From Jakarta Airport

The airport is served by many transport facilities to enter into the city. There is an exclusive Inter-terminal airport shuttle bus and Inter-terminal rail transport provided to connect passengers from the entire terminal. The city operates several buses to help travelers reach the airport from all the major places of the city. There are many private services offering the air traffic with many cars and taxis. All the transportation services to and from the airport are at reasonable and affordable prices.

Jakarta Airport AddressSoekarno–Hatta International Airport,
Tangerang City,
Banten 19120,
Ph: +62 21 5505179