Al Shaheed Park

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Al Shaheed Park is immediately distinguishable from any other park in Kuwait due to its many characteristics. It tells the tale of a region, as well as its history and culture.

The park has stunning botanical gardens, two museums (Thekla and the Habitat), a visitor center, a lake, walkways, and jogging tracks, making it the largest urban park in Kuwait. The surrounding hills and woods help to muffle outside sounds, which makes the park more enjoyable for guests. The park spans a total area of 200,000 square meters and has a visitor center.

Things to do at Al Shaheed Park:

• Al Shaheed Park is home to a vast amount of history just waiting to be discovered. The Al- Shaab gate is one of the five gates of the old Kuwait Wall that are still standing, and it is widely considered to be the historical highlight of the park. 

• The management of Al Shaheed Park creates a calendar of events and activities every three months that are open to participation from all residents of our community. The overarching mission is to serve as a forum for the country of Kuwait's artistic and musical communities by fostering local, international, and regional collaborations in history, music, and the arts. This allows visitors to enjoy Al Shaheed Park's facilities, events, and recreational activities.

• Visitors to Al Shaheed Park can gain additional insight into the country's past conflicts, including the Gulf War, by touring the memorial museum, Thekla, located within Al Shaheed Park. To preserve the historical and cultural aspects of the nation, the museum intends to work in conjunction with the general public by providing them with designated booths to discuss their personal experiences from the past to pass on their knowledge to future generations.

• Al-Shaheed Park provides the general public with a schedule of educational and cultural programs and outdoor and indoor spaces that can be used for various events and activities. Intending to become the most important cultural platform in the nation, the park also has the vision to become a public park.

• A Bird Aviary was constructed outside the Habitat and the museum to give a resting place for the various migratory birds in Kuwait. Visitors will also get the opportunity to see these various bird species as they stop by to rest while traveling as a result. 

• The theater, the various open grass areas around the park, and the multifunctional hall within the tourist center are all examples of such spaces. In addition, the park includes an underground parking garage, as well as a variety of cafes and restaurants, and outdoor sculptures that were produced by local artists and displayed there.

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Address of Al Shaheed Park

Soor Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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