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About Riyadh

Riyadh the bustling city of rich heritage and culture is known as the city of gardens and designated as the “Beta World City”. Being the capital and heart of Saudi Arabia and Riyadh Province it belongs to the historical regions of Najd and Al-Yamama. Riyadh known for its beauty and charm is the second largest city in the centre of Arabian Peninsula. Riyadh is the home for 5.7 million people spread over 1,554 square kilometres. This metropolitan city was found during the pre-Islamic era by the tribe of Banu Hanifa. There are two road mainly connecting from north to south the city namely King Fahd road and tariq al-malek al-Fahd. Another road running from the west to east side and intersects at the Cairo Square is the Makkah Rd (aka Khuris Rd). Al Faisalyah and Al-Tahlya are the area’s most outstanding landmarks and is at the Kingdom Center.

Riyadh being the land of generosity and kindness invites tourists to experience several amazing places right in your hands...travel to the hot sandy golden deserts, climbing the green mountains, diving into the dusty sand dunes, deriving at the beauty and surprises, experiencing the heritage and culture of different eras, tasting at the delicious cuisines, and enjoying at the most beautiful dances...this is all a journey to Riyadh...are you ready now?

Tourist Places to visit in Riyadh

Riyadh is the most enlightening place to stroll. It is lured with many enchanting buildings and archaeology. The golden deserts, the dusty mountains and the clear dark moonlight allow one to hook to the city. While unwinding and discovering the unique beauty of Riyadh tourism, there are many tourist places in Riyadh including the Diplomatic Quarter reveals the cultural integration and utopian urban planning. Then Masmak Fort sits in the city centre is a part of the King Abdulaziz Historical complex along with the Deira Souq, Justice Square and the Governor’s Castle. The breathtaking views of the deserts and the sand dune driving are fascinating a tour to Riyadh.  As Riyadh is a low lying urban city it doesn’t have many tall buildings.

There are only two buildings namely the Al Faisaliyah tower (44-storied) and the Kingdom Tower (99-storied) which are noted as the tallest buildings boasting architectural charm. The artefacts of Riyadh are displayed at eastern side of the King Abdul Aziz historical Centre called the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. The glut of aviation and aircraft related things are displayed at the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum called Saqr Al-Jazira.

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife in Riyadh

Things to do in Riyadh: Riyadh offers a wide range of shopping experience from traditional to high end international souqs which can turn anything more than a treasure hunt. The narrow streets of the Antique bazaar exhibit the traditional daggers, antique jewellery, ethnic clothing, perfumes, frankincense and myrrh. The shopping zone at the Olaya district covers all varieties from fashion and jewellery to electronic gadgets. The kingdom centre and the Al Faisaliya tower are the most popular shopping streaks in the kingdom of Riyadh. Shopping malls in Riyadh include wide variety of authentic collection of women apparel, home furniture, books, electronic gadgets, wallets, bags and shoes.  For exclusive women shopping the second level among the 99 floors in the Kingdom Tower is left open without allowing a single man inside.

The kitchens of Riyadh restaurants turn out the stylish and ethnic versions of authentic bistro-grill dishes. Cuisine’s at Riyadh offer a large variety of traditional dishes like the Marqooq, Matazeez, Qursan, and Jereesh which are few of the favourite dishes of Riyadh. Riyadh exhibits the best Middle Eastern fast foods found all around Riyadh. The most favoured delicious sharwrma, the more savory dishes like the felafil, kabab’s, Chinese cuisines, Asian tastes etc excites the visitors with more classy warm and mouth watering aromas of the authentic dishes. Apart from food in Riyadh, there is no nightlife in Riyadh in the western sense like bars, night clubs or pubs, discotheques etc. Gents can enjoy drinks shishah with mint tea and coffee in the Tahlia Street which poses number of coffee shops and restaurants mostly singles.

Riyadh Festivals & Seasons

The national heritage and culture is displayed by smelling the perfume of their originality which replicates in the form of events and celebrations which accommodates participants of both residential and globally. Apart from common festivals there are many events which take place in Riyadh. Janadriyah Festival, International Cuisine Festival, East Coast Festival, Souk Hajr, Al Ahsa Countryside Festival, al Ahsa Festival of Palm and Dates, Taif Rose Festival, Baheeta Spring Festival, Unaizah-Al-Musawkaf Traditional Festival, Jazan-Al Hareed Festival, Heritage Village Festival, Aba Saud Heritage Festival, Ha’il-Desert Festival, Souk Okaz, 3rd National Built Heritage forum, National Arabian Horse Show, King Abdulaziz Award for Camels Beauty Contest, Mahayel Winter Festival, Radhwa desert Festival, and We Love our Heritage are the festivals held throughout the year in Riyadh. All these festivals display the plethora of culture, heritage, food, entertainment, desert and tourist activities.

Transportation in Riyadh

There are all kinds of public and private local transportation facilities available connecting all parts of the city. There are mainly two classes of buses flying in the city. SAPTCO- government owned local buses runs within a specific route and to all the cities in the kingdom. Coasters which are privately owned run only in certain areas of the city and the fare is a bit cheaper in comparison to the public transport. Taxis, limousines and trains fall a part of the local travel at Riyadh.

Popular Sports in Riyadh

One of the most popular and famously played sports of Riyadh is football. It hosts four extreme football clubs among which Al-Hilal is biggest club in Saudi Arabia. The city also anchors many big stadiums like the King Fahd International Stadium. It also moderated many matches including the FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA U-20 World Cup. The city hosts desert safari’s arranging exciting Camel races where the spectators enjoy with cheers, camel calls and dust. Golf is also a most popular sport of the city which entertains all the golfing enthusiasts with many golf clubs.

Weather in Riyadh

Living in Riyadh: The temperatures vary typically from 8-43 degrees Celsius over a course of the year which falls rarely below 3 degrees and highs above 45 degrees. The yielding summer starts from May and lasts till September with an average daily temperature of 39 degrees. The winter tide starts from November to February with an average daily temperature of 24 degrees.

Emergency Numbers

For any criminal offense tourists can inform the police at a toll free number # 999, 989,

For passport related enquiry # 992,

For Red Crescent contact # 997,

For civil defence contact # 998.

About Riyadh Airport & Location

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport of Riyadh (RUH) is an excellent airport in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is located at 35 Km north of the city. This is the second largest airport in Saudi Arabia next to Jeddah airport. It serves around 17 million passengers a year. There are approximately 35 airliners serving the air traffic of the city with a varied range of destinations. Riyadh Airport operates both domestic and international flights. The airport is built on 78,000 acres.

Airline Information

The airliners that serve this large city are namely:

Saudia Airlines Online Booking Air India Airlines Online Booking Flynas Airlines Online Booking EgyptAir Airways Online Booking
Gulf Air Online Booking Royal Jordanian Airlines Online Booking Middle East Airlines Online Booking

Airport Terminal Information

There are four major terminals triangular in shape. The passengers can travel from one terminal to another by moving sidewalks. These sidewalks are available for all the three link buildings which are connected by the international and domestic terminals.

Terminal 1: This operates boarding and taking off for all international flights except Air France, Saudia and Nas Air.

Terminal 2: This terminal serves exclusive international flights run by airliners such as Air France, Saudia and Nas Air.

Terminal 3: This is used as a platform serving all the domestic flights.

Terminal 4: This terminal is not used for any services yet.

Ground Transportation To & From Airport

There are plenty of options to travel from any part of the city to the Riyadh airport. The ground transportation to airport include Metered taxis, renting cars and free shuttle services which are to and from the airport and are arranged on demand by the famous hotels in the city.

Airport Facilities

The terminal complex at the airport facilitates passengers with many features like the VIP terminals, restaurants, cafetarias, airlines counters, government departments, Lounges, WiFi /Internet, airport hotels, counters of car rental companies, banks, currency exchange, first aid clinics, commercial shops, baggage storage and lockers, bath showers, trolley services, etc.

Hotels Near Riyadh Airport

There are four hotels in and around the airport which are Al Waha Palace Hotel, Rokn Almarsa, Holiday Inn Riyadh - Izdihar Airport Road and Madareem Crown Hotel. Choose the best cheap hotels in riyadh from reviews and ratings by travelers like you

Interesting Information about Riyadh Airport

The Central Control Tower in the airport is the world’s tallest tower. There is a royal terminal which accommodates only the kingdom guests and the Saudi Arabia’s royal family. The mosque in the airport is another important feature serving the passengers of Riyadh airport.

All Airport Enquiries

Save the number for any airport related information +966 11 221 1000

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King Khalid Airport Address

Airport Road, Riyadh
Saudi Arabia - Ph: +966 11 221 1000

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