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News About Hotels in Thailand

Thailand Hotels to Benefit from Cross-border Transactions

by posted on December28th, 2016

Thai government’s focus on cross-border transactions is set to increase, in line with global tax trends taking shape. The government has negotiated its tax treaties with India and Singapore, both of which become effective on January 1.

While the new tax treaties include a number of changes, the most notable, perhaps, are their inclusion of the concept of beneficial owner. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s original Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting is complete, and the G20 endorsed the final BEPS deliverables released in October 2015.

Hotels in Thailand will likely need the support of the Thai government to help eliminate non-tariff barriers imposed by foreign governments, such as stiffer VAT for goods imported from Thailand and deterrents at port facilities, among others

Akaryn Hotel Group Launches Three New Lavish Hotels in Thailand and Laos

by posted on December 1st, 2016

Thailand Hotels giant AKARYN Hotel Group is all set to launch three new lavish hotels in Thailand and Laos. One of the Thailand Hotels, akyra Beach Club Phuket will be launched on December 1st. The akyra Beach Club Phuket comprises of 59 luxurious rooms and stylish & lavish villas with ample living spaces, notorious amenities and a profusion high-end inclusions. Leading edge resort facilities include a beach spa and fully equipped gym and the resort’s integrated beach club provides guests a choice of refined waterfront dining options.

Akaryn Thailand hotels also hosts exceptional daytime and evening events, regular theme parties, romantic weddings, and a sensational Sunday Brunch that’s set to set a new benchmark for especially foodies, mates escaping to paradise and beach believers.

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