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    News About Hotels in UAE

    UAE Hotels Witness Raise in Russian Tourist Influx

    by posted on Jan 9th, 2017

    Dubai hotels Rixos the Palm, Hospitality Management Holdings hotels (Ajman Palace Hotel, Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, Coral Dubai Deira Hotel) noted a significant increase in the number of Russian tourists year-on-year.

    Dennis Dolmatov, the business development manager, said "We expected to do better this month than the last as the ruble had strengthened, oil prices stabilized and destinations such as Egypt.”

    UAE Hotel and hospitality authorities said that Russia arrivals during the eleven months of 2016 rose by 17 percent and the Russian tourist’s number enhanced by 53 percent.

    In the recent months, the Russian economic outlook has improved and continues to grow against US dollar, reaching a new high since July 2015.

    Northern Emirates Hotels Flourishing with Flow of Visitors

    by posted on December 28th, 2016

    Tourists from the UAE and around the world are flocking to the Northern Emirates due to its unspoiled beaches, majestic mountains and competitive prices.

    The Ajman Tourism Development Department reported that 552,220 tourists have stayed in Emirates hotels this year, compared to 509,658 last year. In Fujairah, over 760,000 visitors stayed in Emirates hotels, a 6 per cent increase from last year.

    When asked about the same, tourists admitted that the prices, quieter roads and scenery are what attract them to the north over Dubai. Fujairah shows off the true Emirati culture and history and it is rich with historical places that tell the story of the emirates.

    Meanwhile, Emirates hotels were planning to attract 50 per cent international travelers and 50 per cent visitors from neighboring Emirates with their exceptional service and low cost.

    Hoteliers in the UAE Build on as Growth Slows

    by posted on December 12th, 2016

    A boom in hotels in UAE construction sees positive growth despite falling revenues per room. According to a reports revealed by Top Hotel Projects, Hoteliers in the United Arab Emirates are bracing themselves for fresh competition. Hotels in UAE will see another 54,000 room addition by 2020. It is also heard that an increase on present numbers of more than a third.

    However, despite slowing economic growth and falling revenues in important tourism markets such as Euro Zone and China, the boom in hotel construction enhanced. Large hotel chains including Paramount, Marriott and its subsidiary W Hotels would have UAE hotel branches.

    At the same time, revenues per average hotel room an important indicator of financial performance have been falling in Abu Dhabi and Dubai over the past year. The emirate is aiming for 25m visitors to attend Expo 2020 and a continuing increase in visitor numbers afterwards. Expo 2015 in Milan attracted 20m.

    Dusit International Continues to Enhance its Global Expansion

    by posted on December 3rd, 2016

    Dusit International is leaving no stone unturned to continue its global expansion by making its debut as dusitD2 and DusitPrincess brand Hotels in UAE and China, respectively. The openings are part of Dusit International's strategy to expand its portfolio of international hotels and deliver gracious, Thai-inspired hospitality to the world.

    The hotel comprises of 237 modern guest rooms and suites, three meeting rooms, a boardroom, a rooftop pool, spa, fitness centre, an all-day-dining restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, and a contemporary Thai restaurant.

    Dusit International currently operates 29 hotels around the world and has 42 confirmed projects in the pipeline across four distinctive brands: Dusit Devarana, Dusit Thani, dusitD2, and DusitPrincess, all of which are inspired by the iconic hospitality and unique service artistry of Thailand.

    EmiratesGBC Reveals Interesting Facts about UAE Hospitality

    by posted on December 2nd, 2016

    Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) has revealed the hotel report of the first-of-its-kind report called ‘Energy and Water Benchmarking for UAE Hotels’. The findings will evoke the sustainability initiatives the UAE’s hospitality sector.

    The key finding of the study is unequal energy and water consumptions across UAE hotels and its initiation to reduce the carbon footprint by enhancing water and energy efficiencies. As a part of initiative total 46 hotels have been participated in the study for benchmarking and hotels will be provided with scorecards that will make UAE hotels to enhance their energy and water utilization protocols.

    Among 46 hotels, 25 are eco-certified hotels, and 25 hotels have utilizing the energy sustaining technologies. EmiratesGBC will update, fine tune and repeat the benchmarking study on an annual basis.

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