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    45 Visa Free Countries for Kuwaiti Citizens

    Residents of Kuwait who want to escape the long queues of visa processing, here’s some great news. You can now travel visa free to 45 countries. Yes, you heard it right. So, now all you have to do is, pull up your sock, pick your dream country, grab your camera, and pack your bags.
    And to help you choose your next travel countries, we have curated the complete list of 45 visa free travel destinations for Kuwait citizens.

    List of Visa Free Countries if You Hold a Kuwaiti Passport


    Albania is an emerging tourist destination with less crowded beaches, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and warm welcomes.


    Home to more than 700 islands, and many un-missable attractions, Bahamas is the best choice for family-friendly holidays.


    Bahrain – the pearl of Arabia is known for its rich history, culture, and modern outlook. With sun-baked deserts, unconventional architecture, and exotic resorts Bahrain is a unique island state and a perfect place for holiday.


    With an enticing mix of beautiful nature and architectural wonders, Belarus is exotic and cheap at the same time for a holiday.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Home to gushing waterfalls, craggy mountains, miles-long seashores, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one intriguing choice for your summer.


    Botswana is a land of contrasts with incredible variety of wildlife, rocky hillsides, and intensely beautiful desert.


    Being a spectacular green island, with rugged mountains, lush green spaces, Dominica is an epic choice to explore.

    Dominican Republic

    With beaches backed by all-inclusive resorts, stunning mountain scenery, Dominican Republic must feature on your wish-list.


    Set on the equator, Ecuador is beautiful with Pacific coastline, lush jungles, and volcanic mountains.


    Egypt – the country of Pyramids; its amazing history and civilization, makes the country a unique choice for holiday.

    El Salvador

    Explore El Salvador which has a little bit of everything – mountain hikes, forest explorations, and volcanoes, attracting intrepid travelers and nature lovers alike.


    Filled with beautiful parks, romantic getaways, fantastic islands, Georgia is a perfect choice that would steal your heart for sure.


    Ancient ruins, rumbling volcanoes, picturesque lakes of Guatemala intrigue you to plan a holiday.


    Haiti looks just like a heaven with its turquoise waters and mountaintops blanketed with lush vegetation in vivid colors.


    Tourists looking for an idyllic setting with enthralling islands and blissful beach beauty, then Honduras is the place to be.


    Indonesia – the world’s biggest archipelago is a land of diversity with mythical misty volcanoes, pristine coastlines, variety of wildlife, and numerous scattered islands.


    With striking ancient temples, unspoiled valleys, numerous wadis, and sand dunes, Jordan is just otherworldly.


    Supreme natural beauty, national horse games, wonderful lakes, walnut forests makes you to wander Kyrgyzstan.


    Despite its compact size, you can find anything in Lebanon. From adventure activities, mouthwatering cuisine, gorgeous beaches to vibrant nightlife, this Middle Eastern gem has everything.


    Planning for an adventure-filled or romantic holiday? Then Malaysia is the best choice without further ado. With a diverse culture, continental food, amazing jungles, and tropical climate a trip to Malaysia will offer you ever-lasting memories.


    Mauritius is a year-round destination without further ado; and will leave you mesmerized with its waterfalls, invigorating cities, intriguing beauty, and numerous water sports.


    Bask in the sun or float in the waters shimmering with sunshine during the day and with stars during the night in Micronesia.


    It’s time to experience what Lord Byron experienced when he wrote- “The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral”.


    Morocco has a unique charm to take you back in time and provide you a new perspective on present. It is one of those places that stays with you long after you’ve left.

    New Zealand

    New Zealand, an island where nature really outperformed itself. A land where nature took all the best pieces of jigsaw puzzle from all over the world and put them together to create a dazzling masterpiece.


    Scale a volcano, trek a rain forest, laze around on the beach or go deep into the canyons. Do whatever you want because Nicaragua never disappoints.


    Perched on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a must-visit country peppered with numerous architectural wonders, forts, castles, and mosques.


    Panama, where the sea colors your dreams in the happiest shades of blue and waves carry your worries far away to the moon.


    A truly wonderful spectacle of nature with beach waters as clear as the sunny skies. If you’re looking for a place to get away from the humdrum of a busy life, Philippines is the place to be.


    Known for its melting pot of cultures and traditions, thriving tourism scene, and modern skyscrapers, Qatar is a fascinating country to explore.

    Saudi Arabia

    Known for its beautiful valleys, the Red Sea beaches, and the striking attractions, Saudi Arabia is a gleaming country to explore.

    Saint Kitts and Nevis

    This two-island country formed by volcanic eruption has something for every soul; be it a tropical rain forest, beaches, hills, or mountains.

    Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia is a breathtakingly beautiful destination where mountains and seas unite and travelers unite with themselves.

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a perfect destination for all beachoholics who are in dire need of vitamin “sea”.

    Sao Tome and Príncipe

    Sao Tome and Príncipe is a green and beachy paradise with diverse flora and fauna. Plan your next holiday in this wonderful two-island nation for a relaxing and refreshing time.


    Serbia is the most off the beaten path destination in the Balkans abundant in waterfalls, caves, hikes, gorges, hypnotizing architecture and so much more.


    Singapore is one of the happiest and the most happening places of Asia. In words of Paul Scott, “it’s that modern apology for a romantic Eastern port”.

    South Korea

    The land of K-Drama and K-Pop awaits you. They say you cannot buy happiness but I say that if you can buy flight tickets to South Korea that’s pretty much the same.


    Sudan is nature’s cornucopia of pyramids, desert, coral reef, national parks and so much more that can only be seen and felt but can’t be expressed in words.


    Africa’s last absolute monarchy awaits you with its emerald peaks, rivers, ravines, rolling valleys, waterfalls and intriguing culture, customs and festivals.


    Thailand is a place where you can be away from the race of “becoming” and just “be”. It’s like a revitalizing energizer, like a magic elixir. It’s more than a destination; it’s a way of life.


    Tunisia is a canvas of sun-kissed land of sand and shores with quite a lot of historical sites.


    Turkey is a country that charms poets, archaeologists, diplomats, merchants (basically people from all walks of life) equally. Its beauty can be gauged by the words of Alphonse de Lamartine, "If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.

    United Arab Emirates

    Perfect place for family holiday, a getaway with friends or just an escape for your weekend. UAE is home to endless dynamic and thrilling activities, and architectural marvels.


    The stunning tropical island of Vanuatu is the water kingdom of your dreams where you can soak up in the sand and sun and also indulge in swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing and parasailing.

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